All in faith

grateful today

first things first - this is Thanksgiving. While we celebrate the holiday with feasting and family, the point isn’t the food or the football.  The purpose of the holiday is to pause our regular busyness and acknowledge the blessings and the goodness around us, so let’s be thankful.  

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body broken

Eviscerated by 34 people before me, the carcass is now mine with instructions to return it to the earth it came from, and broken bodies are dominating my awareness right now.  

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we had sandwiches

The pleasant woman and I introduce ourselves and shake hands.  I am friendly, but can’t quite say, “Nice to meet you.”  “Fascinated to meet you,” would be more accurate, but I don’t say that either because the situation is already weird enough.

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into the story

...  if you stay in theater long enough, you’ll eventually get cast in a part where you have to sing or take off your shirt, and I wasn’t gonna do either of those things in front of people.

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Excel Lent

A year ago I tried to start a new thing at our Wednesday night church service - I suggested that we just say “excel-LENT” and do a fist bump.  It hasn't caught on.

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there's a battle coming

I wish that those on the right would stop asking me to be more judgmental than I already am, because I don't think that's a part of my Christian calling.  And I wish those on the left would stop beating me over the head with the word “tolerance”, when they clearly have something to learn about the word, themselves. 

hungry, please

as our airplane approached Abuja, I could see out the window that we were about to land in a place very different from where I come from.  I had never been to Africa before.  I was really excited, and more than a little afraid.