the wall

As the caravans form and move through Mexico, about half the US population is shouting “build the wall” and the other half is deeply opposed and instead says, “we should have a conversation on immigration reform”.  

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rain ride

Pacing from window to window, talking to myself.  Looking out the front and the back and this side and that side as though the conditions might be better over here or over there.

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As much as I hated doing so, I ran the stop sign.  I only had nine blocks to go and I was racing a thunderstorm.  I hoped nobody was watching.

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dogs of war

he’ll hide in the ditch and stay down until I’m past.  Then he’ll cross the road behind me and sprint up on my other side where I’m not expecting him and just about the time I think I’ve made it …

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as I watch, the ball gradually fades to the left and squeezes itself between the pins in an apologetic way as if it is saying, “pardon me, sorry to bother you”.

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runny nose soup

If there’s one thing that is more satisfying than good cooking - and there is one thing - it’s good eating. So when something really works well in my kitchen I think to myself, “I gotta share this”.  (recipe included!)

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janice's farm

I feel extra-masculine manhandling barbed wire, driving my Dodge through waist-high weeds and stepping in cow shit.  Those are the kinds of things us city boys only get to do in our imaginations as we’re watching truck ads on TV.  I hope MSL notices how broad my shoulders are.  

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