All in experience


as I watch, the ball gradually fades to the left and squeezes itself between the pins in an apologetic way as if it is saying, “pardon me, sorry to bother you”.

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janice's farm

I feel extra-masculine manhandling barbed wire, driving my Dodge through waist-high weeds and stepping in cow shit.  Those are the kinds of things us city boys only get to do in our imaginations as we’re watching truck ads on TV.  I hope MSL notices how broad my shoulders are.  

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we had sandwiches

The pleasant woman and I introduce ourselves and shake hands.  I am friendly, but can’t quite say, “Nice to meet you.”  “Fascinated to meet you,” would be more accurate, but I don’t say that either because the situation is already weird enough.

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into the story

...  if you stay in theater long enough, you’ll eventually get cast in a part where you have to sing or take off your shirt, and I wasn’t gonna do either of those things in front of people.

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