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I love the stories that develop as we live our lives - The Upstairs Project is where I collect and share mine.  I do stuff.  I live.  And then I write because I like to, and because it helps me think.

Thanks for visiting.  Please feel free to talk back in the comments section after each posting.

me:  chris congdon



real job: media coordinator at a medium-sized, mainline-denomination, mid-western USA church.

this job: I love to write.  This is my blog.  I talk about lots of stuff.

politics: right-leaning moderate

faith: Christian

family: married to MSL, cats, no kids, lots of nephews and a niece

other stuff: cycling, mountain biking, photography, food, avoiding household projects, reading

why upstairs?:  My favorite room in the church where I work is the third level up inside the bell tower.  It's dirty and hard to get to and it isn't heated or cooled, but the light from the six stained glass windows is amazing.  "Upstairs" is my homage to that space.  

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