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janice's farm

I feel extra-masculine manhandling barbed wire, driving my Dodge through waist-high weeds and stepping in cow shit.  Those are the kinds of things us city boys only get to do in our imaginations as we’re watching truck ads on TV.  I hope MSL notices how broad my shoulders are.  

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big heads

The minivan was making an odd thumping noise.  I was glad it wasn’t mine and felt sorry for whoever owned it.  A tow truck was going to be expensive this far from town.   

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roo moves in

I’m a little sad to turn over the keys and the title as we move on to something newer and more efficient.  It feels like I just sold the dog.

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Cars for Christmas

We walked into one showroom and I said to the gentleman who greeted us, “we’re looking for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon” and somehow MSL knew enough to poke me and say, “No. No we’re not”.  

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grateful today

first things first - this is Thanksgiving. While we celebrate the holiday with feasting and family, the point isn’t the food or the football.  The purpose of the holiday is to pause our regular busyness and acknowledge the blessings and the goodness around us, so let’s be thankful.  

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it's what she does

In these modest ways she rescues people - lets them know that someone cares - and to those people, she’s as much of a hero as the guys on the fire truck. 

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Chester is a well-put-together dude - sharp and tight, dressed black and white, he’s sophisticated, overconfident, athletic, extroverted, smart - a classic Alpha.

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